Creating a Great User Experience: Tips for Web App Design

User experience is one of the vital parts of a web app design. If you don’t have a proper design plan that helps your users then there is no point in having a design. We all know that it is not an easy task to understand the best practices in web designing. But with the help of some data, we can try our best to give the users the best experience. 

Over the years, designers have collected data on UX designing and found many surprising things that can change your designing game. Some factors can create a great user experience. These factors are a combination of psychological and technical innovations and can help your users.

We have discussed 7 of these factors or tips that you can apply the next time you design a web app. 

1. Must Have White Space 

Nothing annoys a user more than a messy web page. Web designers have realized it and now they have made it an important factor to add white space on web pages. This not only helps the user to find what they are looking for but also helps in enhancing the overall appeal of the page.

Moreover, it is a psychological thing that empty white space emphasizes the actual contents of the page. A messy page can divert users from important things. So it is important to have space.

2. Use Media Properly

Do you use images and videos to explain certain things on your website? Well, it is a great idea but only if it is done correctly. You can have images as background if your web page but make sure that they don’t hide the text on the web page. Images can help you grab the attention of your users. You can do a lot with it. If you are a brand then you can add your product’s images or brand logo on the background. The right use of media can improve the users’ experience.

3. Have Mobile-friendly Designs 

A big proportion of web traffic had started to come from mobile devices in the past decade. It is clearly because of the rise of mobile phones in the past couple of decades. Almost everyone has at least one smartphone. Whenever a person wants to know something the first thing that they do is Google it on their phone. 

We can not ignore mobile users and your web app design should be mobile-friendly by all means. It should also be compatible with other devices as well. This is good for user experience and can help your users navigate through your website easily.

4. Make Sure Your Page Speed is Good

Do you know what the average attention span of a human is? Well, it is as low as 8 sec. If your webpage takes too long to open the majority of the traffic will bounce back and leave your page. On the other hand, a good page loading speed can increase the retention rate. So when you are trying to improve user experience, improving the page loading speed should be one of your top priorities.

5. Keep Things Simple

The era of minimalism is back, now people focus on simplicity and don’t like overly designed pages. People don’t like a lot of useless features on web pages. They just like having the necessary features and the contents that they come for. So don’t waste your money and time on unnecessary detailing. 

Because in most cases people are annoyed and when they are not, they just ignore all of it. So the best way to do things is to have a minimalistic design. If you are considering hiring a digital agency to get your web app designed then you should try out. You can save time and money with them.

6. Understand Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is extremely important when it comes to web design. You might be designing a simple website for an audience full of teenagers or a funky website for grandpas. Both ways you are most likely to fail miserably. If you are designing a gaming web app then you would know what kind of design the audience would like. You should do some background research before starting anything. This can save you time and effort.

7. Spend More Time on the Homepage

The homepage is the most important page of a website. If your homepage is not well designed then the user might not like it and the whole experience would also be ruined. So make sure to give your maximum time to the homepage of the web app that you are designing. It will be great for user experience.


Creating a great user experience is one of the biggest challenges for web designers. There are many factors that you have to look after. We have shared 7 tips that can help you in creating a great user experience through your web app design.