Creating a Visually Stunning Website: The Importance of Visual Hierarchy

Creating a visually stunning website is not an easy task. There are a ton of things that are needed to be done to create the visual hierarchy. From web design to every small detail, we must cover everything.

Many people believe in the visual hierarchy but some people don’t know about it or just simply ignore it. But it is everywhere you go. In simple words, it is the composition of different elements in a certain position to emphasize something.

Well, visual hierarchy is not something new. It is a kind of science that designers and developers use to highlight important things. People have gathered data on human psychology for decades and now it is being used to control the human psyche in different ways. 

One of these ways is visual hierarchy. You can control somebody’s interest by taking care of small details. Some details are more important than others and are considered more effective. If you want to know about these details then you should read this blog. We are going to discuss some details that you should take care of to create a visually stunning website. We will also discuss a couple of benefits of it. So let’s start.

How Can You Create a Visual Hierarchy?

Many small details help you create a visual hierarchy. It is not a single thing that creates it but a collection of small elements that creates it and helps to influence people. These are some of the elements that can be beneficial in creating a visually stunning website:

1) Organize Your Webpages 

The first way to create a visual impact on the visitor is to have things in order. It is basic human psychology that people don’t stay in a messy place for long. When a person visits your website they visit it for a reason. If that reason is not fulfilled then the user will eventually leave your website. 

The more organized your website is, the easier it is for users to understand the content. An organized website is far more visually appealing than an unorganized website. So if you are trying to build a visual hierarchy then you should have organized web pages.

2) Create a Visual CTA 

The next way is to create a visual call to action. You can create visual calls to action by highlighting specific content. Having different font styles to emphasize specific things. The first thing that a user sees on your website is the image(if you have any) and the font with it. You should show the users what you want them to show.

3) Help the User by Creating a Space

Websites that have too many unnecessary options and features are not considered visually appealing. Moreover, these websites are not able to retain their visitors. To create a visual hierarchy, you need to cut out all the unnecessary options that you have on your website. You should have space. The space puts focus on the existing material.

4) Use of the Right Colors

You might not think that colors are not important. But they are very important in the creation of a visual hierarchy. Psychologically, bright colors are more appealing than light colors, and the content is more clear on bright colors. You should have bright colors on your website to create a visual impact.

5) Use Different Font Sizes 

Another important part of visual hierarchy is visibility. Bright colors play an important part in creating visual visibility but they are not the only thing that creates the impact. It is important to have different font sizes on the website. 

You can use small or light font sizes to write regular content and bold and big fonts for special content or something that you want to show.

What Benefits Can Visual Hierarchy Provide?

Visual hierarchy provides a lot of benefits that can help you make more money. These are some of them:

1) Audience Retention 

Audience retention is one of the biggest things that website owners need. Because the more a person spends time on your website the more it means that you are helping them out. 

Visual hierarchy can help you achieve the audience retention that you want. For this reason, people hire professional web designers to design their websites. If you also want to hire a professional to make your web design then you should consider a web design agency for that.

2) Opportunity to Promote Specific Content 

Another benefit of having a visual hierarchy is that you can trick users to see specific content on your website. When you use specific font sizes and spaces on the web design you are automatically emphasizing the available content. You can cleverly place your content in these spaces and promote it.


Visual hierarchy has great importance in web designing. A strong visual impact can attract visitors. We have shared the benefits and methods of creating a visual hierarchy. You can follow these tips and make visitors stay.